About the Signature Needle Earrings

 Launched in 2016, Labulgara offers a different approach and point of view towards Avant-garde jewelry by blending untouched by fashion and trends self-expression adornments found in different cultures with bold, urban edginess and minimal contemporary lines. Nadia’s very first jewelry piece was dedicated to translating a tribal earring into an updated novel item for her husband, which propelled her to delve further into her unusual approach and style.

The Coco Gold Earring dedicated to her husband features an exposed piercing rod that needles through the lobe allowing the earring to hang on its own. The idea of making this asset visible and extending the idea to an earring on its own propelled Nadia Todorova of Labulgara to experiment with a wire piece that she had and to develop this raw element into a bold statement piece. 

The Needle Earring design has since gone through many rounds of development to determine a universal length, and its various looks incorporate fine gemstones and unique structures.

Labulgara 2016 Collection showcased  “The Needle Earring”, envisioned to elevate a raw look into a refined linear perfection, piercing through the ear and resting on top of it. The Needle Earring and its signature design agitate stale expectations of what jewelry “should” be. The enthralling elements and startle factor of Nadia’s fine jewelry pieces, fuel her as she continues to design in defiance of traditional and familiar shapes pushing beyond the norms and inspiring personal style.