Master Needle Earring

Master Needle Earring

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The first of it's kind Needle Earring originated in 2016. The Master Needle Earring is the core element and original signature design of Labulgara.

With her first piece, the solid gold Coco Earring, Todorova teased the idea of exposing the actual piercing rod. From there, the idea of making that asset visible—a design element at once fragile and assertive—extended to her pioneering Needle Earring. 

Spanning the earlobe, the Needle pieces tend to prompt “what the hell is that” reactions—followed by, “I want one.” This is exactly what inspires Todorova. The startle factor fuels her, as she continues to design in defiance of traditional, familiar shapes and geometries of other earrings and jewelry pieces that she’s seen working in design over the years.

Evolving the Needle Earring, Todorova has introduced more dynamism between the design’s
curvature and bone-straight lines by incorporating precious gemstones to further agitate stale
expectations of what jewelry “should” be. She finds inspiration in tribal and urban piercings, and sensibilities of Worldly ornamentation.

  • 14k yellow gold 



 Each Labulgara  piece is meticulously hand-made to order in NYC. Please allow 2-3 weeks before shipping unless otherwise specified. Rushed orders can be accommodated but not guaranteed. Please e-mail if you have any questions. 

Master Needle Earring